Victorinox – House Of Victorinox

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 14 Oct 2016 | POSTED ON 10 November 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Commissions and Re-Records

Swiss penknife specialist Victorinox looks to Cavendish Music’s crafty composer Michel Thomas von Arx to ensure this spot sounds sharp.


Blu – Pilot: Just You and Blu

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 04 Apr 2016 | POSTED ON 4 May 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Licensed Recording

It’s not big and it’s not clever – but M83’s dreamy vocals certainly make vaping look dead cool in Blu’s high-flying widescreen western.

READ MORE – Charger

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 31 Dec 2015 | POSTED ON 15 January 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Repeat Performances

Need a new job? US composers Two Steps From Hell serve up some stirring stuff when Reed’s white knight comes riding to the rescue.


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