Subway – Casanova

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 06 Jul 2016 | POSTED ON 28 July 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Commissions and Re-Records

The combination of a three pound meal deal and a few choice piano figures signals a real result for Subway’s cash-strapped Casanova.


Subway – Keep Discovering

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 09 Jun 2016 | POSTED ON 22 June 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Commissions and Re-Records

It may be about too much choice but Subway’s decision to use music by Dutch production house Sizzer certainly hits the lunchtime spot here.


KFC – Rollerskater

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 12 May 2016 | POSTED ON 20 May 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Licensed Recording

KFC’s rollerskating commercial turns on a sixpence thanks to the inspired use of 5 O’Clock World, a 1965 rarity by US beat combo The Vogues.


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