Pearl & Dean – Tumbleweed Trainer

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 23 Sep 2016 | POSTED ON 12 October 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Commissions and Re-Records

Pearl & Dean’s homage to John Huston’s iconic Technicolor Westerns gets a soundtrack to die for from young screen composer Josh Wynter.


Sky – Box Sets 2016

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 21 Jul 2016 | POSTED ON 11 August 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Licensed Recording

Sky’s new (on the) Box Set channel offer takes its tone from Birdy’s inspirational 2016 single Keeping Your Head Up.


Sky Sports – Sky Loves Cycling

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 26 May 2016 | POSTED ON 29 July 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Commissions and Re-Records

Recent Universal signing Barns Courtney has a big voice which well matches the passion in Sky Sports’ hard pedaling cycling clip.


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