Bodyform – Blood

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 27 May 2016 | POSTED ON 16 June 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Licensed Recording

Award-winning Canadian Native American dance band A Tribe Called Red are a powerful choice for a Bodyform ad which doesn’t pull its punches.


Braun – Beardimation

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 04 Feb 2016 | POSTED ON 15 June 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Commissions and Re-Records

Aardman Animation filmed 50 men for Braun’s tonsorial tour-de-force with a soundtrack by Slovenian hip hop star Denis Jasarevic (pka Gramatik).


Braun – Warrior

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 22 Mar 2016 | POSTED ON 21 April 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Commissions and Re-Records

This smooth Braun commercial teams Hollywood actress Jessica Alba with London library music combo Juggernaut Kid.


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