Topshop – AW16

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 12 Feb 2016 | POSTED ON 19 February 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Commissions and Re-Records

Sentric Music songwriters Simon Taylor, David Pooler provide Topshop – and US newcomer Blayre Mic – with a catwalk song to D.I.E. for.


Mango – Tribal Spirit

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 01 Feb 2016 | POSTED ON 17 February 2016

ADVERT CATEGORY: Licensed Recording

By spinning their 1968 debut Hush, Mango model Kendall Jenner reminds us that even Heavy Metal legends like Deep Purple had pop roots.


Debenhams – #foundit

ORIGINAL AIR DATE 06 Nov 2015 | POSTED ON 9 December 2015

ADVERT CATEGORY: Commissions and Re-Records

A sparkly piece by singer songwriter turned screen composer Sean Redmond complements the celebrity voices in Debenhams’ Xmas spot.


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