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October 5 | Pepsi Max | The Friend Finder

POSTED BY ON 5 October 2015

  • Product/Brand - Pepsi Max
  • Spot - The Friend Finder
  • Music Title - Got Lost
  • Artist - Steve Murrell
  • Composer - Murrell
  • Publisher - Felt Music
  • Master Rights - Felt Music
  • Music Supervisor - Felt Music
  • Ad Agency - AMV BBDO
  • Creatives - Nicholas Hulley, Nadja Lossgott
  • Film Company - RSA
  • Film Director - M.O.D.
  • Post Production - Big Buoy
  • Air Date - 18/8/15

Since losing your mates in the crowd is every live music fan’s nightmare, Pepsi Max’s recent Friend Finder film strikes at the heart of the festival-going experience.

Of course, the idea that drones could be used to help locate your best buddies in a field filled with total strangers is still the stuff of science fiction.

But you can bet that it’s the sort of interactive service the pioneering Wireless Festival is working on already – which is no doubt why ad agency AMV BBDO chose to shoot this on-line film there during the summer.

Footage was already in the can when Soho-based supervisor Felt Music put forward one of its regular contributors Steve Murrell to provide suitably banging beats to underpin the Pepsi Max message.

“Steve is a cutting edge producer whose clients include MTV, Nike and BBC Radio 1,” says Felt Music consultant Steph Perrin.

Since there was no time to create a bespoke track, Murrell mixed together two existing works from his Felt catalogue in order to create something truly distinctive.

“We went through each stem individually with the client and they were able to choose particular synth or bass lines to get a final track completely tailored to their preferences. The resulting piece, entitled Got Lost, is a hybrid of cool electro beats and dubstep bass-lines interspersed with unabashed pop sensibilities,” Perrin continues.

Not only does it encapsulate the Wireless spirit but it helped the Pepsi Max Friend Finder film to over five milllion You Tube views since first breaking in August.

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