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May 4 | Suzuki Vitara | It Lives!

POSTED BY ON 4 May 2015

  • Product/Brand - Suzuki Vitara
  • Spot - It Lives!
  • Music Title - Cantata Vitara
  • Composer - Reeves, Pope
  • Publisher - West One Music
  • Artist - Hungarian Radio Choir
  • Master Rights - West One Music
  • Music Supervisor - Ricall Music Licensing
  • Ad Agency - Noah
  • Film Company - Partisan
  • Film Director - Michael Geoghegan
  • Post Production - Three Wise Monkeys
  • Air Date - 2/4/15

They call it a dead language, but Latin is alive and well in the new Suzuki Vitara TV commercial currently beaming out all over Europe.

The boldly colourful It Lives! clip was shot spaghetti-Western style in Spain by the same Michael Geoghegan whose laid his first claim to film-making fame with Enya’s blockbusting Orinoco Flow in 1988.

In an epic homage to the Magnificent Seven, it shows the Japanese car manufacturer’s 4x4 SUV models riding to the rescue of a grateful town.

But according to Cormach Moore – founding partner at Noah, the London agency which commissioned the ad – the task of finding a soundtrack that was suitably “anthemic… and attacked the senses in the way the client wanted” proved far from straight forward.

“Initially we looked at well-known contemporary music tracks but it was felt that these were too ‘me too’ and didn’t create sufficient stand out,” he says.

Noah was actively considering commissioning something new when it stumbled upon Fantasy Chorale, a West One music library title by film composer Paul Reeves.

“We immediately knew it was what we wanted,” Moore continues. “But to give it something unique we wrote some original Latin lyrics and hired the critically-acclaimed Hungarian Radio Choir to sing them.”

The words are :
Magnificus - Magnificent
Singularis - Unique
Currus vivus - A living chariot
Urbem amat - Loves the city
Res mirabilis - A wondrous thing

Under the auspices of British arranger, conductor and fellow West One client Benjamin Pope this new content was performed in Budapest and dubbed ‘down the wire’ at WAVE Studios in London.

After playing a key role in bringing the various parties together, Ricall Music Licensing cleared the newly-created copyright Cantata Vitara for broadcast.

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