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March 30 | Lynx Black | Bring The Quiet

POSTED BY ON 30 March 2015

  • Product/Brand - Lynx Black
  • Spot - Bring The Quiet
  • Music Title - Welcome To The Jungle
  • Composer - McKagan, Hudson, Adler, Stradlin, Rose
  • Publisher - Warner Chappell
  • Artist - Novo Amor
  • Master Rights - Lacey Music
  • Music Supervisor - Big Sync Music
  • Ad Agency - BBH
  • Creatives - Wesley Hawes, Gary McCreadie, Nick Gill, Felipe Guimaraes, Lambros Charalambous
  • Film Company - Academy Films
  • Film Director - Academy Films
  • Post Production - Electric Theatre Collective
  • Air Date - 10/3/15

As anybody who has ever shared a house with a late teenage/twentysomething boy will tell you, ‘understated’ is not a word immediately associated with Unilever’s market leading male fragrance Lynx.

Nor is it one best used to describe the brand’s most recent ad campaigns which have been about as cinematic as possible on a small screen.

And yet the deeply chilled soundtracks underscoring films like last year’s Make Peace, Not War epic and this latest, Martin Scorcese-influenced Lynx Black clip Bring The Quiet have brought new meaning to the term ‘counter-intuitive’.

Fans of 1980’s hard rockers Guns N’ Roses will recognise Welcome To The Jungle as a hymn to the crazy excesses of today’s mad world.

But it’s the fragile beauty of this new version by Welsh singer songwriter and sound artist Ali Lacey (pka Novo Amor) which ultimately conveys the inner calm at the core of this commercial.

Lacey was finally commissioned by music supervisors Big Sync at the end of a 12 month process in which ten different artists, some of them extremely well-known, were asked to demo the tune.

“We first heard Novo Amor’s wonderfully minimalist single From Gold during one of our late night music binges,” says Big Sync’s Creative Director Andy Stafford. “The more we listened the more we felt we’d found something special.”

The ad debuted on March 10. Meanwhile a complete three minute version of the song, available through iTunes on Lacey’s own label, is featured in a full length promo currently being shown in cinemas and other media outlets in 22 countries.

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