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March 23 | Twinings | Drink It All In

POSTED BY ON 23 March 2015

  • Product/Brand - Twinings
  • Spot - Drink It All In
  • Music Title - Bing! Bang! Bong!
  • Composer - Evans, Livingston
  • Publisher - Sony/ATV
  • Artist - Sophia Loren
  • Master Rights - Sony Music
  • Music Supervisor - Major Tom
  • Ad Agency - AMV BBDO
  • Creatives - Colin Jones, Phil Martin, Toby Allen, Jim Hilson
  • Film Company - Blinkink
  • Film Director - Parabella
  • Post Production - Blinkink Studio
  • Air Date - 19/2/15

Last time Twinings pushed out the boat on a new TV commercial was in 2011 when its charming cartoon campaign Gets You Back To You was rewarded with a Top 3 hit single Wherever You Will Go by winsome Brit School graduate Charlene Soraia.

The tea specialist’s 2015 offer, produced by the same Blinkink team behind John Lewis’ blockbusting Bear And The Hare film, is an eye-catching mix of contemporary cgi and time-honoured stop-frame techniques.

The chances of its soundtrack - the playful Bing! Bang! Bong! by silver screen siren Sophia Loren - reaching the charts are slim. But, according to ad agency AMV BBDO creatives Jim Hilson and Toby Allen, it immediately fitted a brief calling for a song “which captures the promise of the day ahead.”

“We were looking to match the naïve charm of the animation with a lively tempo that our character Lydia could dance to,“ Hilson continues.

Allen adds: “We also wanted to evoke the unrestrained goodwill of the Golden Age of Disney musicals to inspire a younger audience and stir nostalgia in older viewers.“

Record-wise Italian-born Loren is best known for her 1960 Peter Sellers comedy duet Goodness Gracious Me.

Bing! Bang! Bong! – from an earlier Hollywood rom-com Houseboat co-starring Cary Grant – was submitted as a wild card by Tessa Harris at music supervisor Major Tom.

“We knew Twinings wanted to reappraise the brand,” she says. “ With lines like ‘live your life with a zip and a zing’ and ‘you’ll have the world on the end of a string’ we thought this song would be perfect.”

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