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March 14 | Jacob’s | Mini Cheddars: Crackin’

POSTED BY ON 14 March 2016

  • Brand - Jacob's
  • Spot - Mini Cheddars: Crackin'
  • Music Title - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  • Artist - Bonnie Tyler
  • Composer - Steinman
  • Publisher - BMG
  • Master Rights - Sony
  • Music Supervisor - Platinum Rye
  • Ad Agency - Grey London
  • Creatives - Vicki Maguire, Jonathan Marlow, Ben Buswell, Andrew Singleton
  • Film Company - Independent Films
  • Film Director - Gary Freedman, Glue Society
  • Post Production - MPC
  • Air Date - 25/02/16

Who said successful syncing is a science? If Jacob’s latest Crackin’ commercials are anything to go by you might be tempted to call it a lottery!

The £15 million campaign is the first under a new deal parent company United Biscuits struck with agency Grey London last year.

According to Platinum Rye’s Tom Stanford, months of effort went into sourcing possible tracks to drop into a couple of comedy spots featuring puppet packets of Jacob’s duetting with a single mother lunching in an aquarium and a bunch of schoolboys watching a soccer match on TV.

“The scripts were already written so it was a question of finding ‘unashamedly populist and feelgood’ titles to fit each of the characters and the scenes,” he says.

Three recordings were shortlisted for each film but the final choices of Reel 2 Real’s I Like To Move It and Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart hung in the balance.

“All the tracks had their own merits but it’s impossible to tell in advance what’s going to look funniest on screen,” Stanford continues.

“So ultimately it all depended on how well the actors’ performed them in rehearsals.”

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