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June 22 | Tesco | Perfect Cocktail

POSTED BY ON 22 June 2015

  • Product/Brand - Tesco
  • Spot - Perfect Cocktail
  • Music Title - Sleep Walk
  • Composer - Farina, Farina, Farina
  • Publisher - Carlin Music, Minder Music
  • Master Rights - Adelphoi Music
  • Music Supervisor - The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music
  • Ad Agency - BBH
  • Creatives - Dan Delhavi, Drew Haselhurst, Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark, Caroline Pay
  • Film Company - Outsider
  • Film Director - Dom&Nic
  • Post Production - The Mill
  • Air Date - 9/6/15

It must be every brand’s dream to ‘own’ the summer with a single spot – or failing that a single sync.

Over the last couple of years Tesco’s Every Little Bit Helps strapline has appeared on literally dozens of extremely short – and short-lived – ads featuring as many differing soundtracks.

But now the supermarket giant’s new agency BBH has chosen to build the bulk of its Summer 2015 TV campaign around just one tune: Santo & Johnny’s steel guitar instrumental Sleep Walk.

A 1959 US chart topper (and a Top 30 UK hit) which subsequently served as an inspiration for Fleetwood Mac’s epochal Albatross as well as The Beatles’ Sun King, Sleep Walk will underpin a series of eight Tesco spots to be aired over the next four months.

The majority will feature re-records commissioned from Adelphoi Music by BBH’s in-house supervisors The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music.

But at least one execution will use the original master which was acquired by leading London-based independent publisher Minder Music in 2011 alongside a share in the copyright now jointly controlled with Carlin.

“Whenever we purchase publishing we always ask if the masters are available,” says Minder MD John Fogarty pointing to a catalogue which also includes Ace’s How Long, Big Fun by the Gap Band and Python Lee Jackson’s In A Broken Dream featuring Rod Stewart.

“Sleep Walk is one of the most famous instrumentals of all time and we are always looking for great synch opportunities for the work. This Tesco Summer campaign is a perfect fit.”

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