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July 20 | Bensons For Beds | Be Comfortable

POSTED BY ON 20 July 2015

  • Product/Brand - Bensons For Beds
  • Spot - Be Comfortable
  • Music Title - Lucky(Acoustic)
  • Artist - Kat Edmonson
  • Composer - Edmonson, Lovejoy
  • Publisher - Fintage, All You Need Is Love Songs
  • Record Co - Sony Music
  • Music Supervisor - Storyboard Music
  • Ad Agency - Public
  • Creatives - Darren Price
  • Film Company - The Gate Films
  • Film Director - Jackie Oudney
  • Post Production - Edit 19
  • Air Date - 1/7/15

Sales stickers and showroom shots are normally the order of the day in home furnishing spots.

But rather than bombard us with a bewildering array of price points and products, Lancashire-based slumber-time specialists Bensons For Beds’ new Be Comfortable campaign poses a more fundamental question.

Since we all spend more time in our beds than virtually anywhere else then shouldn’t we expect to be happy there?

It does so with a particularly charming selection of quasi-realistic sequences starring people of all ages and backgrounds settling down to sleep at night or waking refreshed in the morning.

Underscoring the ad is Lucky, a dreamily uplifting track from the 2012 album Way Down Low by US singer songwriter Kat Edmonson.

Unusually for a sector where less than adventurous musical choices are often made at the last moment, this song was confirmed before a single scene was shot.

“Once the client had chosen a creative route, music was the next step,” says Rhiannon Lewis, producer at The Gate Films.

“Storyboard Music’s Nisha Lakhani came in during February initially to help us find something well-known and recognisable,” she continues.

“Among the submissions were some big UK chart hits. But the client and Public’s creative director Darren Price both fell in love with Lucky the moment they heard it.”

Lakhani credits Tom Clough at Sony Music for digging deep to unearth this sync. New York-based ‘vintage pop’ artist Edmonson has released two albums since signing to the label’s Masterworks imprint two years ago but is still largely unknown here.

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