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February 2013 | Chartwatch Commentary

POSTED BY ON 6 March 2013

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Are chart hits derived from TV ads beginning to dry up?

Or is the absence of any exciting new titles breaking into the Top 75 during February merely a reflection of the fact that, according research by thesyncsurvey, fewer existing recordings were licensed into high rotation spots for broadcast during the period?

One thing’s for certain, the only new arrival in February’s Chartwatch listing was the evergreen Heavy Rock anthem Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor. It was originally a global hit for the Chicago-based group in 1982 – after being picked as the theme song to Sylvester Stallone’s blockbusting Rocky III movie.

In the summer of last year its distinctive opening guitar riff re-surfaced on our screens underpinning selection of different 118 118 edits. Now, there it is back in the OCC listings at number 65 for the last week of February.

Otherwise, with the exception of the re-appearances in the Independent Charts of M83’s Midnight City (Gucci Premier) and Woodkid’s Run Kid Run (O2/Nike+), the three former sync tracks which dominated the mid-table in January have roughly speaking retained their star sync status over the last four weeks.

Admittedly One Direction’s Kiss You (X Factor) has slipped slowly down from a peak of 13 in Week 5 to 27 in Week 8. But both Explosions by Ellie Goulding (ITV 1) and Ho Hey by The Lumineers (E.On) bounced back into the Top 20 in Weeks 6 and 7 respectively.

So until new and freshly synced titles emerge to take their places, they are likely to remain Chartwatch’s topics of conversation for some time yet!

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