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August 10 | VictoriaPlum | You Dream, We Deliver

POSTED BY ON 10 August 2015

  • Product/Brand - VictoriaPlum
  • Spot - You Dream, We Deliver
  • Music Title - You Were Meant For Me
  • Artist - Maurice Chevalier
  • Composer - Brown, Freed
  • Publisher - Sony/ATV
  • Master Rights - N2K Publishing
  • Music Supervisor - Soho Music
  • Ad Agency - Alpha Century
  • Creatives - Giles Smith
  • Film Company - Bose Collins
  • Film Director - Barnaby Girling
  • Air Date - 23/7/15

After dropping the B from its name, on-line bathroom retailers VictoriaPlum resist any urge to get fruity with this latest TV campaign.

Instead the Hull-based specialist and its creative agency Alpha Century have turned to graphic design and film company Bose Collins for a sleek, Busby Berkeley-influenced spot entitled You Dream, We Deliver.

The jaunty soundtrack underpinning this eye-catching clip is You Were Meant For Me as performed by the late great French actor and cabaret singer Maurice Chevalier, who died in 1972 after a performing career spanning six decades.

Chevalier first visited the US in the 1920s where he rubbed shoulders with top American Songbook composers like Irving Berlin and George Gershwin.

Almost immediately his suave Gallic charm helped him to land starring roles in films like Innocents Of Paris, The Love Parade and The Big Pond. He remained in demand all the way into his 80s, when he was hired by Walt Disney studios to record the theme song to The Aristocats.

But Maurice Chevalier was undoubtedly best known for Thank Heaven For Little Girls, the smash hit song from Lerner and Lowe’s 1957 musical Gigi.

Although Chevalier’s version of You Were Meant For Me was recorded the following year, the number had originally appeared in MGM’s groundbreaking 1929 movie The Broadway Melody.

Not only was this one of the first Hollywood features to include a Technicolor sequence – which has, sadly, been lost over time – but it was also one of the first talkies to win an Academy Award for Best Picture.

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