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September 12 | Radox | Emo

POSTED BY ON 12 September 2016

  • Brand - Radox
  • Spot - Emo
  • Music Title - I Will Love You
  • Artist - Summer Twins
  • Master Rights - Burger Records
  • Composer - Brown, Brown
  • Publisher - Imagem Music
  • Music Supervisor - Big Sync Music
  • Ad Agency - Droga5
  • Creatives - David Kolbusz, Rick Dodds, Steve Howell, Lea Brisell, Alex Venndt
  • Film Co - Somesuch & Co
  • Director - Daniel Wolfe
  • Air Date - 01/07/16

A meticulous approach to its music track was required to put a smile on the face of the troublesome teen in Radox’s global Emo TV campaign.

The spot, which focuses on the transformative power of the Radox range of fragrant shower gels, started life as an animatic in November last year using Hall & Oates’ 1980 album cut You Make My Dreams as a reference.

“Droga5 gave us a fantastic brief which we knew we could have a lot of fun with,” says Lisa Hart at supervisor Big Sync Music.

“Although we were looking for a song to represent the Emo girl’s new optimism and joie de vivre, choreography played such an essential part that the track had to be licensed prior to filming.”

Big Sync’s search led to the indie label surf-scene of Southern California and I Will Love You by sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown (pka Burger Records-signed act The Summer Twins).

“Their low production sound is almost rebellious in itself,” Hart continues.

“However, since the stems were missing from the original recording, we asked them back into the studio to make the track richer and thicker so it really kicks in when the girl dances down the street.”

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