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October 24 | Pearl & Dean | Tumbleweed Trainer

POSTED BY ON 24 October 2016

  • Brand - Pearl & Dean
  • Spot - Tumbleweed Trailer
  • Music Title - Behind The Scenes
  • Artist - Josh Wynter
  • Master Rights - Felt Music
  • Composer - Wynter
  • Publisher - Felt Music
  • Music Supervisor - Steph Perrin @ Felt Music
  • Ad Agency - Brothers & Sisters
  • Creative - Andy Fowler, Will Flack, Aaron Willmer, Manu Souto Diaz, Gonza Delgado
  • Film Co - Pulse Films
  • Director - thirtytwo
  • li>Post Production - Time Based Arts

  • Air Date - 23/09/16

Veteran cinema advertiser Pearl & Dean’s latest commercial Tumbleweed Trailer takes the form of a spoof 1950s documentary looking at the making of ‘Duel Of Desire’ a fictional Hollywood Western of the John Wayne era.

To give it the correct period feel, this delightfully tongue-in-cheek homage to movies like The Searchers and Big Country was shot in Spain by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace (pka thirtytwo) on the same 16mm and 35mm film stocks favoured by iconic 1950s directors John Ford and John Huston.

Equal care was taken on the soundtrack, specially scored by British-born composer Josh Wynter to emulate classic orchestrations by screen legends like Max Steiner, Dimitri Tiomkin and Alfred Newman.

“Josh has written for our Production Music arm before,” says Felt Music supervisor Steph Perrin.

“Even though he has moved to South Africa to concentrate on local TV projects he has become one of Felt’s key bespoke writers.”

“So when we saw this brief, which called for four separate themes, we knew he would be the best man for the job.”

Brothers & Sisters were unaware of Wynter at the outset but, says producer Ashlie Hutber, he and Felt “worked exceptionally hard to achieve the authenticity which was our absolute priority.”

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