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July 15 | Lexus International | Strobe

POSTED BY ON 16 July 2014

  • Product/Brand - Lexus International
  • Spot - Strobe
  • Song Title - Running
  • Composer - Johnson
  • Publisher - Sesac
  • Artist - Computer Magic
  • Record Co - Computer Magic
  • Music Supervision - Platinum Rye
  • Ad Agency - CHI&Partners
  • Creative - Jonathan Burley, Monty Verdi, Colin Smith, Angus Vine
  • Film Company - Stink
  • Film Director - Adam Berg
  • Post Production - MPC
  • Air Date - 3/07/14

There is something curiously timeless about good electronic music. So, if the soundtrack of Lexus’ stunning new TV spot is anything to go by, Computer Magic’s effortlessly ethereal piece of synthpop could have been created in any bedroom in the world at any time over the last 20 years.

In reality Running dates back to 2010 when it appeared on Hiding In Our Time, the first self-produced and self-released EP by Brooklyn-bred blogger and DJ Danielle ‘Danz’ Johnson. It immediately caught the ear of solid-state-of-the-art fans from Paris to Tokyo and led to one-off deals for subsequent recordings with taste-making labels such as Kitsune and Tugboat.

After a couple of local low-key syncs for the Japanese market Johnson finally makes her adbreakanthems’ debut supporting a technological tour-de-force in which a team of acrobats dressed in custom-made LED suits were suspended high among the skyscrapers of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur.

Toyota’s luxury car brand Lexus has a history of ice cool, neo-B&W films and this Strobe offering is the third in an Amazing In Motion campaign which began last Summer. One day one of them will deliver a hit record. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was this one?

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