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January 9 | Paddy Power | The Steward

POSTED BY ON 9 January 2017

  • Brand - Paddy Power
  • Spot - The Steward
  • Music Title - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  • Artist - Stephen Patman
  • Master Rights - Adelphoi Music
  • Composer - Steinman
  • Publisher - BMG
  • Music Supervisor - Adelphoi Music
  • Ad Agency - Lucky Generals
  • Creative - Les Mooney, Ed Cole
  • Film Co - Smuggler
  • Director - Randy Krallman
  • Post Production - Electric Theatre Collective
  • Air Date - 21/11/16

Online bookmaking giant Paddy Power is betting that a screen campaign based on top pop parodies will prove a firm favourite with punters.

After kicking the idea off last April with a retread of Fat Les’ Vindaloo – focusing on Scotland’s failure to qualify for Euro 2016 – agency Lucky Generals and sound designers Adelphoi Music collaborated on five more films to appear over the next few months.

First up is a darkly amusing version of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart, sung by a soccer steward facing down taunts from the terraces at Millwall FC.

Adelphoi joint MD Sascha Darroch Davies credits Lucky Generals’ creatives Lewis Mooney and Ed Coles with re-writing the songs in the series.

“The message needs to be crystal clear when you’re changing lyrics,” he says.

“If it takes the listener too long to guess the song before they focus on the words then the message is potentially lost.”

Darroch-Davies reports that all Adelphoi’s in-house team worked on the Paddy Power project for nearly two months but it was Lucky Generals’ TV producer Lizzie Mabbot who took on “the pain” of some very tricky copyright clearances.

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