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August 8 | Wellman | David Gandy

POSTED BY ON 8 August 2016

  • Brand - Vitabiotics: Wellman
  • Spot - David Gandy
  • Music Title - Hollandia
  • Artist - Ethan & The Reformation
  • Master Rights - Bohemian Sex Club
  • Composer - Davis, McMorran
  • Publisher - Sentric Music
  • Music Supervisor - Tom Stanford @Theodore
  • Ad Agency - Vitabiotics
  • Film Co - Manna
  • Director - Tomo Brejc
  • Air Date - 8/7/16

It’s not quite The Only Way Is Wellman – but could Vitabiotics’ vitamin supplement spot be the next best thing to a (staged) reality TV ad?

The film chronicles a couple of days in the life of top male model David Gandy as he works out in an East End gym, drives his collectors’ car to a photo shoot, flies to New York (and back) for a high-pressure business meeting…and visits his hipster tailor.

But two factors combine to differentiate this commercial from other, often vacuous, high-roller lifestyle offers.

Fashion photographer-turned-director Tomo Brejc has a keen eye for textured images and they dovetail neatly into Hollandia, a moody mid-tempo psych rocker by Manchester band Ethan & The Reformation, latest signings to Liverpool’s MW Sync Award-winning publisher Sentric Music.

“Given that the budget was never going to stretch to a classic track like The Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter, both the brand and the director were keen go down a new artist route,” explains Tom Stanford, from music supervisor Theodore (previously Platinum Rye).

“Sentric is a great resource for cool but gritty new music. We always contact Simon Pursehouse there with those kind of briefs and as always he nailed it.”

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